Forum Title: Buying pool chemicals in bulk and storage of TF-100 kit?
Is it a good idea to buy pool chemicals in bulk as I have a coupon or as they go on sale towards the end of the season? I know chlorine/bleach loses strength, so I wouldn't buy that. Specifically, I am asking about things like CYA, pH Down, etc. I have a basement so they would be cool and dry throughout the winter. Secondly, where do you store any leftover reagents from the test kit? I have read that people keep them in the refrigerator over the winter? (My basement stays between 60-70 degrees year round, which is where they are now, in a dark closet.) I know I'm planning way in advance here...but as much as I want summer to SLOW DOWN I know it won't!! Thank you!!
Category: pool Post By: DANA RIOS (Marietta, GA), 02/19/2019

Bleach and liquid chlorine, as you said, will lose strength, so they are out. I wouldn't want gallons of muriatic acid stored in my basement. PH down is dry acid, I don't use it because of sulfur content. Borax and other things most people here use are not seasonal products. End of season is a good time to buy equipment, accessories, lawn furniture, deck chairs.

- RHONDA GILBERT (Oakland, CA), 04/15/2019

Thanks for responding! I agree about having lots of muriatic acid in the basement, but I won't find that on sale anyway. I have used both muriatic acid and pH down. I like the pH down just b/c it is powdered and I don't have to handle the liquid, but muriatic acid is cheaper. I asked because Clorox pool products does have a good coupon for $5 off $20 of products. I've already bought 2 bottles of CYA with that coupon. Any advice on storage of test kit? Sent using Tapatalk

- LENA HIGGINS (Pontiac, MI), 04/17/2019

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