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I have a 22' above ground pool with the intex saltwater generator. The generator broke here a while back, so I thought I would lump it along until the end of the season. I ended up getting algae as a result ( During that time, the water has evaporated quite a bit. I finally purchased a new generator and hooked it up yesterday, only to find that the saltwater concentration is now too high, given that the water has evaporated. It's basically time to close the pool. Should I add water, get it all cleaned and clear, and then drain below the pump to close it out for the season? Or should I just close it and forget about it until Spring? I guess the other option would be to kill it with chlorine for a while and forget about the generator. Please let me know your thoughts on direction here. Blessings,
Category: pool Post By: CHARLIE LAMBERT (Richmond, CA), 02/09/2019

Hello Benson. I would suggest clearing your algae problem now because leaving it alone could lead to bigger problems later next spring. At least by clearing the algae and having good test results, you would be able to accurately follow the closing instructions outlined here Pool School - Closing (Winterizing) Your Above Ground Pool. Then you would be in much better shape for the spring.

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Hillsboro, OR), 04/02/2019

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