Forum Title: Leaving country for 6 months and need advice on closing pool
Hello everyone, I've been debating on what to do with my pool for 6 months while I am out of the country. I called the pool company to see the cost to winterize my pool. They told me in TEXAS they don't winterize the pools due to the weather not generally being too cold. I thought about asking a friend to clean out the leaves and add shock maybe every 3 weeks, but decided it's too much to ask of my friend. I thought about letting it go green, but goodness knows how bad it would get in 6 months. I thought about Paying pool guy $140 per month (nope) to service pool once a week If I want to close my pool for 6 months, what are the steps. I read on your site that I would take care of the chemicals (once balanced, add bleach only), but what exactly would I ask the pool company to do. Blow out lines and plug them? does the pump then run or get turned off completely? would I order the cover from the pool shop or where do you recommend I buy. Thanks in advance Cathy
Category: pool Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 01/23/2019

We recommend closing pools when the water gets below 60 degrees, when the algae growth is significantly reduced. If your water is not getting that cold, trying to keep it clear is going to be a challenge for that period of time. There is no reason to blow out any pipes, that is to prevent freeze damage. The best bet would be raise the FC up to shock level for your CYA, add polyquat 60 algaecide, and put on an opaque cover. Then leave the equipment turned off. Likely you will open to a green pool anyway, but a SLAM will take care of that.

- SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 03/15/2019

Hello Catherine, How did you resolve your issue. I have the same situation and I'm wondering what's the best option. thanks in advance jim

- CHRISTY BALL (Lorain, OH), 03/26/2019

Sorry Jim. I haven't been on this site for a while. I ended up paying for a weekly service while I was away.

- ANGEL BYRD (Albany, NY), 03/25/2019

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