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I was wondering if its good practice to remove the diving board for winter? If so, do you also remove the base each time? I currently have mine removed as its new to me and wanted to check for any damage on the underside of the board and inside the base. I coated the bolts with a heavy amount of water proof grease since they are totally exposed but would this be a good idea to do every winter or should I leave the base attached? Will the base fill with water and cause the bolts to rust even more if not removed?
Category: pool Post By: TINA SULLIVAN (Columbia, MO), 03/10/2019

If you are able to remove the diving board for the winter, I would do so. Less likely for the diving board to get corrosion or more weather wear. I would remove it at the base if possible and store in a covered, dry place. Mine stays in place mostly because when I took over the pool, it was badly rusted in place. I have a feeling that if I tried to remove it, I'd be creating a new project of remounting the diving board to the deck... which I may do next spring anyway.

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Cheyenne, WY), 03/23/2019

So you think removing the base is good practice? I have read mixed reviews but no one has proven either way is better. I also need to figure out how to coat the base bolts when the base is installed to help prevent them from rusting again. I may make some caps out of PVC and fill them with grease and install over the bolts. I could do this when the base is installed and when its removed for winter.

- JOAN MORGAN (Santa Fe, NM), 04/19/2019

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