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We just had our old pool re-plastered with Wet Edge Luna Quartz. The start up is different from regular plaster. After the fill, our pool company came out and added acid to the water (this is done to expose the aggregate) and installed a portable pump. We have been brushing the pool twice daily every day. Five days later, they returned to do the start up chemicals, remove the portable pump and start up our equipment. When the tech started up the filter he discovered a very bad leak where a fitting had been cracked. He tried to patch it with pool putty and told me to wait 2 hours before turning it on again. When I did, it was still leaking badly. I called him back and left a message....what do I do now? He never did call me back. I called the company and the project manager had me send pictures so he could see where the leak was. I did this and he promised to come out the next day (Sat) and repair. Sat. morning he called and said they wouldn't be out till Monday. It is now 2:00 PM on Monday and we haven't heard a word. So our pool has been sitting with our new plaster in 90+ heat for four days with no circulation, as the portable pump was removed by them. My question is, since we have been told the start up with the Quartz is different than standard plaster, and the company gave us very strict day one through day 20 instructions to follow to insure proper curing, what is going to happen to the finish on this Quartz? Is our pool ruined? Any suggestions will be appreciated very much. We are sitting here just heart sick! Cmad
Category: pool Post By: LORI BENNETT (Deerfield Beach, FL), 02/04/2019

Welcome to the forum! It's not if they neutralized the acid and got the pH in range. Hat should have been done prior to running your pool pump for sure. Do you have any testing equipment, such as a basic test kit even? If so, I would look at the pH first, and TA If you have that test. Of course, stay on them for returning and fixing things.

- EDUARDO MANNING (Modesto, CA), 04/02/2019

Thank you! Cmad

- ALLEN GARZA (Maple Grove, MN), 04/20/2019

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